[J3] Revision of "inquiry function" definition is needed

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> IEEE_SUPPORT_DENORMAL is a "function in an intrinsic module" and
> 17.11.49 (page 460) indicates "Class. Inquiry function".  In the
> above valid Fortran code, the inquiry function has no arguments,
> so does it have a result?
> ..

For the purposes of such a consideration, this function should perhaps
be viewed as having a dummy argument X which shall be of type real. It
may be a scalar or an array?

18 1 Description. Query subnormal number support.
19 2 Class. Inquiry function.
20 3 Argument. X shall be of type real. It may be a scalar or an array.
21 4 Result Characteristics. Default logical scalar.
22 5 Result Value.
23   Case (i): IEEE_SUPPORT_DENORMAL (X) has the value true if
24             the value true and the processor supports arithmetic
operations and assignments with subnormal
25             numbers (biased exponent e = 0 and fraction f ?= 0, see
ISO/IEC/IEEE 60559:2011, 3.2) for real
26             variables of the same kind type parameter as X;
otherwise, it has the value false.

Vipul Parekh

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