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Subject: Sad news - Chris Tandy
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Today, I received unfortunate news about Chris Tandy, Chair of PL22, the US
mirror committee of SC 22.  His manager writes the following.

> I have some sad news to share with you.  Our dear colleague and friend
> Chris Tandy suffered a cardiac episode and passed away suddenly on Sunday
> November 17, 2019.
> I was his manager at IBM for the past several years, but I've known
> Chris for his 33 year career at IBM.  We are all shocked and heart
> broken with this
> news and as his manager I'm trying to reach out to folks external to IBM
> that he worked with. I know he held some significant roles in the INCITS
> ISO/IEC organizations.  Would you please help to get the word out as the
> current bodies that Chris was leading will have to make some alternate
> arrangements in light of this news.
> Also a favor to ask. If you have contacts for ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG4
> (COBOL) and the OWG-3 workgroup I'd appreciate some as I need to inform
> them of this news. I'm trying to recover his mail file to get access to
> his contacts, but this will take some time.
> For those wishing to leave a message of condolence, or attend services,
> they can find out more on
> Regards,
> Sarah McNamara
> Delivery Manager, IBM COBOL

     I feel lucky to have known and worked with Chris, and I am so sorry to
hear about his passing.  Stephen Michell also shares the following.

> That is horrible news. I knew Chris quite well.
> Thank you for sharing this. Chris had fairly young children. He was
an active scout leader for his kids.
> Would you please share this with the SC 22 mailing list as well.

     I am sorry to have to pass along such awful news.

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