[J3] Question to "The CFI_section function"

Tobias Burnus burnus at net-b.de
Tue Nov 12 07:24:15 EST 2019

Hi again,

On 11/12/19 1:06 PM, Tobias Burnus via J3 wrote:
> what's the expected 'lower_bound's of the array descriptor 'result' 
> after a call to " The CFI_section function"? My feeling is 
> that 0 is intended but I cannot find it in the spec.

Follow-up question: what are the 'lower_bound's after a call to 
CFI_establish (

For allocatables, the input is a null pointer/deallocated. And for 
pointers, there is "if the attribute argument has the value 
CFI_attribute_pointer, the lower bounds of the object described by dv 
are set to zero."

But what's about CFI_attribute_other? Shall they also start at 0 – like 
most descriptors on the C side? Or at 1 as they would in Fortran or …? 
The following sentence "The remaining properties of the object are given 
by the other arguments." does not really help.



PS: Are there already some (draft) corrigenda for Fortran 2018? I 
haven't seen any, but I might have missed them.

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