[J3] branch based on ieee class ?

Dan Nagle danlnagle at me.com
Thu Nov 7 10:38:49 EST 2019


How to?

C1145 removes the select case option (my first choice), and
Table 10.2 eliminates if-blocks by not listing ieee_class_type
among the allowed operands for == and /= (or .eqv. and .neqv.).

I'm writing a workshop on ieee 754 and I would like to write
a diagnostic routine that can print "this is an X" where
X is one of the ieee_class_type values.  So I want to branch
to select the correct label per class.

(With the select case, a range of values does not seem to make sense.
But I want to case each one singly, so that's no matter to the task at hand.)


Dan Nagle

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