[J3] For review: Official US position on features for F202X

Steve Lionel steve at stevelionel.com
Thu Mar 7 09:44:01 EST 2019

>  What happened to short-circuit logical operators?  Straw vote on 18-152
> recorded in 18-156 was 8-0-2.
> What happened to syntax to specify that the target of a dummy pointer is
> not to be changed?  Straw vote on 18-144 recorded in 18-156 was 7-0-3.
> What happened to binary compatibility of C descriptors?  Straw vote
> recorded in 18-156 (no paper) was 11-0-1.
> Thanks for this, Van. Somehow these eluded our earlier review. I'll add
these to the paper. On the C descriptor issue, I had intended to write a
paper on this but didn't get to it. I'll try to do that before m219.

As for the other issues you raise, the summaries in the paper are not full
descriptions, and we won't be looking to add items at m219. Most of our
time will be spent sorting through lists from other NBs.

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