[J3] DIM arguments

Bill Long longb at cray.com
Wed Mar 6 18:21:07 EST 2019

For this example:

              subroutine boo(a,i)
              logical,intent(in) :: a(10,10)
              integer,optional   :: i
              if (present(i)) then
                 print *, any(a,i)
                 print *, any(a)
              end if

F08 gave an error because there was a specific requirement in the (then) optional DIM argument:  

""The corresponding actual argument shall not be an optional dummy argument.”

In F2018 we changed the DIM argument to be not optional.  But we also deleted the restriction sentence.  Was that intentional?  It seems that (according to the logic in interp F08/0038) that we did not want to allow optional arguments to correspond to the DIM argument of the ANY function.   But the restrictions on the use of optional arguments alone (absent the specific prohibition for the DIM argument of ANY) appear to make the above code conforming. Or maybe the prohibition is stated elsewhere for these DIM arguments, and I’m not seeing it. 


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