[J3] RE #217 - what does Passed mean for papers with requirements?

Malcolm Cohen malcolm at nag-j.co.jp
Fri Oct 19 07:39:59 EDT 2018

Hi Anton,

Passed means “continue to work on”.

Specifically for “templates”, there are at least three competing approaches for “generic programming”.  No decision has been taken as to which one should be put forward.  Some progress has been made on all three/four approaches at this meeting, but only templates has a specific paper.  Specific papers for all approaches will be debated at the next meeting.

As /DATA was very busy this meeting (with many other topics not just generic programming), and /HPC had a very light workload, /HPC helpfully worked on templates, and that’s why there is a specific paper – to communicate their work to /DATA and the rest of the committee.  The work /DATA did (mostly on the other approaches, though we debated templates as well) is all in our heads – unfortunately we didn’t have time to make papers as well as debate the issues.  (Though Tom Clune may have a paper in the post-meeting if we’re lucky.)


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At this stage of 202x development,
what does Passed mean for papers
with no edits, i.e. papers with requirements?

Does it mean that J3 will
work on more detailed descriptions of
the Passed new capabilities at #218?

For example, 18-281r1 Templates has passed.
Does it mean that this is the only agreed
templates proposal going forward to #218 and to WG5?
Does it mean that no other template proposals
will be considered from now on,
and the efforts will be devoted solely to
developing this particular templates proposal?

I'm just trying to understand the process,
as I've never participated in the early stages
of the revision cycle.



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