[J3] function references and optimization

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On 10/09/2018 10:15 PM, Bill Long via J3 wrote:

> Or a NaN.
> Like similar examples, I would expect the default behavior to enable optimizations that improve performance at the expense of strict IEEE rules. But there are usually compiler options to shut down optimizations, such as inlining or expression simplification.   If you have “well behaved” data, the optimized version is usually preferred. Real world simulations normally don’t involve infinities or NaNs. But if you want to double check, you can turn off the floating point optimizations and see if that affects the answer.

"Real world simulations normally don’t involve infinities or NaNs"

Exactly. That's why I invented the "optimization" option 
-ffinite-math-only for GCC (in 2002).


Apparently the community needed a Fortran guy to come up with this (see 
the followups).

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