[J3] Conflict in substrings description?

Steven G. Kargl kargl at troutmask.apl.washington.edu
Thu Oct 11 13:54:48 EDT 2018


In N2146, one has

9.4.1 Substrings

1 A substring is a contiguous portion of a character string (7.4.4).

R908 substring        is parent-string ( substring-range )

R909 parent-string    is scalar-variable-name
                      or array-element
                      or coindexed-named-object
                      or scalar-structure-component
                      or scalar-constant

R910 substring-range  is [ scalar-int-expr ] : [ scalar-int-expr ]

Then, later in Sec. (page 134), one finds

1 An array element is a scalar. An array section is an array.  If
  a substring-range appears in an array-section, each element is
  the designated substring of the corresponding element of the
  array section.

An array-section is not listed as a possible parent-string,
so how can a substring-range appear with an array-section?


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