[J3] 18-007r1 in Edit folder

Malcolm Cohen malcolm at nag-j.co.jp
Tue Oct 9 04:16:53 EDT 2018

Hi folks,


I've produced an "F2018 Interpretation Document", viz the document we will
work with to resolve interpretations.  Of course there might be some
additional changes after the FDIS ballot completes, in which case I'll make
a new one, but at least we'll have a document to use at the meeting next


I believe that the pagination is identical to the FDIS, but I only checked
two pages (and one of those was page 1!).  If anyone spots a pagination
difference please let me know.


This is not the working document for F202x, but should be close enough to
use for that purpose until we need a new one.


BTW it is in the Edit folder of Meeting Files; this is because I got a
"Gateway Error" trying to upload it as a normal meeting file.




..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.


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