[J3] Polymorphic C_LOC actual argument pointer-associated with an interoperable type: conforming?

Malcolm Cohen malcolm at nag-j.co.jp
Thu May 24 00:56:39 EDT 2018

Hi Bill,


I think that C_LOC appears to be defective, as in, whoever tried to permit assumed-type arguments here earlier forgot to modify C_LOC to make it acceptable.  That is, C_LOC needs explicit permission for assumed-type.


This should probably be raised at the upcoming meeting (though it’s too late for country comments).  We will probably be in a position to handle additional uncontroversial bug fixes.  (If we don’t have time before final standardisation we should probably raise an interp.)




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> (both C_F_POINTER and C_LOC effectively prohibit polymorphic arguments)

C710 seems to allow assumed-type arguments to C_LOC() [a special case that was intentionally allowed], and an assumed-type entity is an unlimited polymorphic entity. Whereas the specification for C_LOC() in clause 18 seems to disallow polymorphic arguments. Would Damian’s program be conforming if the CLASS(*) declarations are changed to TYPE(*)?


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