[J3] (SC22WG5.6033) Fwd: Relationship of IEEE 754 and Fortran standards

Damian Rouson damian at sourceryinstitute.org
Fri May 4 13:40:36 EDT 2018

With permission from Jim Demmel, Chair of the EECS Dept. at UC Berkeley, I’m forwarding his query below.  I’ll be glad to gather responses and forward them to him.


On May 4, 2018 at 8:26:34 AM, James Demmel (demmel at berkeley.edu) wrote:

I'm on a regular phone call of the IEEE 754 Floating Point Standard  
and some members have been invited to give a talk at an upcoming  
Computer Arithmetic conference (Jun 25-27) on the status of the standard  
The speakers would like to briefly address any issues of how language  
standards may find it difficult to implement various IEEE 754 features,  
eg alternative exception handling etc. Is there anything from the Fortran  
standard's point of view that is worth raising?  
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