(j3.2006) Interoperable dummy arguments

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Thu May 25 00:21:29 EDT 2017

>Erik can correct me if I misunderstand his question, but I think he's
referring to the relationship between C1555 and 18.3.5p1, wherein a variable
of type character is specified not to be interoperable if its length is

There is no relationship between C1555 and 18.3.5p1, because C1555 specifies
that something has to be of "interoperable type" and that's it.  It most
emphatically does NOT require the variable to be interoperable, as I pointed
out it is about reinstating the TYPE requirement that C1554 drops for
assumed-shape arrays et al.

>18.3.5 is concerned with interoperability of scalar variables, not
interoperable types.


>I agree it's confusing.
>Is it still correct to say that a character scalar variable or array with
assumed length is not interoperable?

Most definitely yes.


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