(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5863) Updates on 2018 meeting

Damian Rouson damian
Wed May 24 02:07:24 EDT 2017


Hopefully everyone has seen the slides I presented at the February J3 meeting regarding location options for the June 11-15, 2018, WG5 meeting that I will host in the San Francisco Bay Area. ?I have continued to explore options since that meeting, I am writing to provide a few updates. ?If you want the short version, just read item 3 below.

1. During a tour of the Asilomar Conference grounds, I discovered that the pricing I had been given previously quoted wasn?t quite correct and that the actual room costs are likely prohibitive (approx. $310 per night for room and board for single rooms and $420 per night for double rooms).

2. Subsequent to visiting Asilomar, I asked Karla to reserve meeting rooms at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, California, so we know we have one workable option. ?I am very familiar with the building we would use at Sandia. In fact, I participated in the design of the building and occupied an office there. It?s a great space and perfect for us in several ways. ?The downsides of meeting at Sandia, however, are that we would have no access to a lunch venue on-site, there are no guest rooms on-site for sleeping, and everyone would need to rent cars or carpool.

3. After several contacts with faculty and staff at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), I am optimistic about the possibility of hosting the meeting on campus in Berkeley. ?The upsides are that both UC Berkeley and LBNL have on-site guest rooms, both offer access to on-site lunch venues, and/or off-site cafes within walking distance, and both are accessible by public transportation from either the San Francisco or Oakland airports. As a bonus, my expected host is a department head at LBNL?s NERSC supercomputer center so we can likely tour their world-leading computing facility. Also, I live in Berkeley, which will make any additional research and planning especially easy.

I will also be glad to work on plans for the geezers meeting after determining the venue for the WG5 meeting. Presumably it?s best to locate the geezer?s meeting at or near the WG5 meeting venue so I would like to finalize the WG5 meeting location first.

My goal is to make the final site choice before the Garching meeting, which unfortunately I will not attend as much as I tried to make it happen. ?If there?s a good option for presenting remotely via teleconference or videoconference, I will be glad to present the final plan during the Garching meeting. ?During the Garching meeting, my family and I will be in Spain to attend a close friend?s wedding anniversary celebration so at least I?ll be on the same time zone as Garching.?

I hope this is helpful and I wish everyone a productive meeting in Garching.

Best Regards,
Damian Rouson, Ph.D., P.E.
President, Sourcery Institute
+1-510-600-2992 (mobile)
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