(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5862) Save the date - Fortran geezers reunion

Jerrold Wagener jerry
Sun May 21 09:30:31 EDT 2017

Hello All 

It?s time for another Fortran geezers reunion, so save the date: June 9/10, 2018.

The location will be a meeting place somewhere in the California bay area - to be determined. The plan could be somewhat along the lines of getting together in the late afternoon on Saturday, June 9, 2018 for reacquaintance, FIDS (of course), and dinner. Then on Sunday, June 10, 2018, we could catch up on the current Fortran standards work, trade favorite stories of the Fortran ?wars", perhaps have some sort of outing in the afternoon, and then finish the reunion with dinner.

The 2018 annual WG5 meeting, joint with J3, will be June 11-15 in the same location or conveniently nearby - thus offering a good opportunity to participate in the Fortran standards scene again.

This note is being sent to the current WG5/J3 email lists. In addition I have a separate list of former committee members, who will also get this note. Many of those old email addresses quite possibly are no longer valid, and I no doubt am missing a bunch who might be interested in this reunion (I?ve now been retired from Fortran standards work for 20 years - amazing how time flies). If you are in contact with someone who you think would be interested, please have them send me a note so that I can add them to the list. Of course geezer guests are welcome.

As things firm up I?ll be in touch with updates. We?ll of course try to arrange special hotel rates for Fortran geezers, so at some point it would be helpful to know how many rooms that might be. In other words, please let me know if you think you might come. :)

It would be great to see you all. More later.     -Jerry Wagener
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