(j3.2006) WG5 Convenorship

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Hi  Steve,

You will have to bribe someone other than Lorri to get the minutes out quickly as she is not planning to attend the Garching meeting.  I am not sure who the acting secretary will be.  My guess is that Lorri worked that out with Dan?


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> Ah, those pesky technical details...
> I am now an alternate to Kernelyze, whose principal is Tom Knox. Tom joined
> J3 and attended his first meeting last October. Neither Tom nor I attended
> the February meeting, and INCITS rules require that a new member is
> "provisional" until they have attended two meetings. Only full members can
> volunteer for the convenor position. INCITS set the deadline for applications
> as June 5, but the next meeting isn't until June 26.
> No problem! We'll just hold an impromptu telephone meeting in advance,
> which Tom can attend, and then we'll be all set. Right? Um, not so fast...
> INCITS rules require four week advance notice for such meetings.
> As of June 1, that changes to two weeks, but neither one helps. So that idea
> is right out.
> Jennifer Garner of INCITS tells me that if nobody from J3 (PL22.3 in
> INCITS-speak) volunteers by June 5, she'll put out a second call with a due
> date of sometime in July. Simply attending a meeting isn't sufficient - INCITS
> has to receive and process the minutes of the meeting, listing attendees,
> before the status can change.
> The plan now is to let the first call expire, we'll hold the regular meeting in
> Garching (Tom and I will both be there), and then I'll encourage/bribe Lorri
> to be prompt at sending in the minutes sufficiently in advance of the second
> call deadline to get the status changed. Then and only then am I allowed to
> volunteer!
> Isn't this fun?
> Steve
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