(j3.2006) WG5 Convenorship

Steve Lionel steve
Wed May 10 13:42:08 EDT 2017

(I'm sending this to both lists as I am not certain my emails to WG5 get 
forwarded to J3. If you get this twice, my apologies.)

Ah, those pesky technical details...

I am now an alternate to Kernelyze, whose principal is Tom Knox. Tom 
joined J3 and attended his first meeting last October. Neither Tom nor I 
attended the February meeting, and INCITS rules require that a new 
member is "provisional" until they have attended two meetings. Only full 
members can volunteer for the convenor position. INCITS set the deadline 
for applications as June 5, but the next meeting isn't until June 26.

No problem! We'll just hold an impromptu telephone meeting in advance, 
which Tom can attend, and then we'll be all set. Right? Um, not so 
fast... INCITS rules require four week advance notice for such meetings. 
As of June 1, that changes to two weeks, but neither one helps. So that 
idea is right out.

Jennifer Garner of INCITS tells me that if nobody from J3 (PL22.3 in 
INCITS-speak) volunteers by June 5, she'll put out a second call with a 
due date of sometime in July. Simply attending a meeting isn't 
sufficient - INCITS has to receive and process the minutes of the 
meeting, listing attendees, before the status can change.

The plan now is to let the first call expire, we'll hold the regular 
meeting in Garching (Tom and I will both be there), and then I'll 
encourage/bribe Lorri to be prompt at sending in the minutes 
sufficiently in advance of the second call deadline to get the status 
changed. Then and only then am I allowed to volunteer!

Isn't this fun?


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