(j3.2006) WG5 Convenorship

Steve Lionel steve
Sun May 7 20:01:37 EDT 2017

Most of you by now should have seen John's message that he would like to
step down from WG5 Convenor when his current term runs out. I'm honored
that he approached me and asked if I would be willing to step up and fill
this position. It was with some trepidation that I agreed. I know I'll
stumble some at first but hope to grow into the role. Of course, I'll never
be a tenth as polite as John, but if I can do half as good a job as
convenor as he has I'll consider that a win.

There are some pesky technical details Dan and I have to work out first,
but these should be manageable. I do hope that all of you saw my earlier
message that I will be attending the Garching meeting and look forward to
seeing many of you there.


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