(j3.2006) IMPORT, C894

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed May 3 21:03:36 EDT 2017

Erik Kruyt writes:
I am puzzled about C894. Is the following code not standard conforming?

module mod
  integer i
    subroutine sub
    end subroutine sub
  end interface
end module mod

It is certainly intended to be.

According to R504, R507, R508 the interface belongs to the 
specification-part of the module.

In Fortran 2008 this constraint was not present.

In Fortran 2008 this constraint was worded differently:

C1210 (R1209) The IMPORT statement is allowed only in an interface-body that 
is not a module procedure interface body.

Why is this introduced?

Because F2015 has extended the IMPORT statement, and now allows it to appear 
in many places forbidden by F2008.

Reviewing C894:
"C894 (R867) An IMPORT statement shall not appear in the specification-part 
of a main-program, external subprogram, module, or block-data."

Perhaps this should be changed to say "scoping unit" instead of 
"specification-part".  Or an exception added ", except that it may appear in 
an interface-body".


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