(j3.2006) STOP and PURE

John Reid John.Reid
Wed Mar 29 04:43:17 EDT 2017

Blush! I should indeed have been looking at the CD.



Cohen Malcolm wrote:
> John Reid writes:
> <<<
> We still have,
> in  NOTE 15.48 of 17-007:
> "From the programmer?s point of view, these constraints can be
> summarized as follows: ... nor shall a pure subprogram contain any
> operation that could conceivably perform any external file input/output
> or STOP operation."
> This text is not what appears in the CD.
>> I think a change is needed in the note. It
>> should mention all the image control statements, not just STOP. I will
>> see if I can get this into the UK vote.
> In the CD, Note 15.48 says a pure procedure cannot
>   "execute an image control statement (including a STOP statement)"
> That is, the words you are complaining about are not there, and correct
> words are already there.  The "problem" has already been fixed, and the new
> words rightly bring to the attention of the reader that a STOP statement is
> excluded because it is an image control statement.
> But that does require the reader to be actually reading the document we are
> voting on, and not a different one...
> Chers,

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