(j3.2006) STOP and PURE

Cohen Malcolm malcolm
Tue Mar 28 22:37:04 EDT 2017

John Reid writes:
We still have,
in  NOTE 15.48 of 17-007:

"From the programmer?s point of view, these constraints can be
summarized as follows: ... nor shall a pure subprogram contain any
operation that could conceivably perform any external file input/output
or STOP operation."

This text is not what appears in the CD.

> I think a change is needed in the note. It
>should mention all the image control statements, not just STOP. I will
>see if I can get this into the UK vote.

In the CD, Note 15.48 says a pure procedure cannot
  "execute an image control statement (including a STOP statement)"

That is, the words you are complaining about are not there, and correct 
words are already there.  The "problem" has already been fixed, and the new 
words rightly bring to the attention of the reader that a STOP statement is 
excluded because it is an image control statement.

But that does require the reader to be actually reading the document we are 
voting on, and not a different one...

.............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo. 

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