(j3.2006) STOP and PURE

John Reid John.Reid
Mon Mar 27 17:54:19 EDT 2017

In 12.7 of 14-007r1, we had this constraint:

C12101 A pure subprogram shall not contain a stop-stmt.

I can't see this in subsequent 007s. Was this a mistake? We still have, 
in  NOTE 15.48 of 17-007:

"From the programmer?s point of view, these constraints can be 
summarized as follows: ... nor shall a pure subprogram contain any 
operation that could conceivably perform any external file input/output 
or STOP operation."

And in the Introduction of of 17-007, we have:

"The ERROR STOP statement can appear in a pure subprogram."

with nothing comparable about STOP.



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