(j3.2006) A loss for Fortran

Rafik Zurob rzurob
Fri Mar 17 14:47:35 EDT 2017

Using a C++ outer layer and a Fortran computation core is quite common 
nowadays.  I'm interested though in how this related to coarrays.  ECMWF 
experimented in 2014 (via the CRESTA project) with using coarrays to 
improve communication performance (
).  If it's not confidential, may I ask whether coarrays are now used in 
production code and whether this change has any effect on that?  I 
remember when I interacted with them in the past that they were using 
several Fortran 2003 features.  Are they going to continue to improve the 
Fortran portions of the code and would they be adopting newer Fortran 
standards or staying at the current level they have?



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