(j3.2006) call for positions sent

Dan Nagle danlnagle
Wed Mar 15 11:45:01 EDT 2017


I will very shortly send, via INCITS mailing list,
a "Call for Comments" closing April 12.

Replies must be posted to the INCITS mailing list.
If you wish to copy the J3 list, feel free to do so.

Replies must also be made via the ISO form attached.
This is a .doc (not .docx).  If this gives problems,
contact Debbie dspittle at itic.org and copy me.

The plan is to have a single set of comments.
These comments will likely cause meeting papers to be written.
We will not be voting on the papers, only on whether
the point made by the comment should be further addressed.

A comment may refer to a paper, but the comment must contain
enough detail so someone reading only the comment
can understand the issue raised.

During the last part of April, we will have an up/down vote
on the US position.  Following the discussion on this list,
the US position may well be "YES with Comments".  Our purpose now
is to gather the comments.

This US vote will form the US position to be sent to ISO by May 5.

After a week of negotiating with INCITS, this is the resulting plan.
I know time is short, but we set ourselves an aggressive schedule
and now we must meet it.


Dan Nagle

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