(j3.2006) CD process

Dan Nagle danlnagle
Mon Mar 13 13:29:41 EDT 2017


I've just had a phone call with Debbie, who explained the process
for proceeding with the CD.

We will have a period when comments will be gathered.
The comments are assembled into a set.  We then vote
Y-N-A on the "CD + Comments" package.

I'm still negotiating the dates, so this message is incomplete.
I'm trying to get us as much reading + deliberating time as I can,
while having our ballot counted by PL22, SC22 and beyond.

I expect to have the formal ballot sometime during May.
I expect the vote will be "Yes with Comments" (but I suppose
that might change as the issues are discussed).

So we gather comments, which become part of the question, which we vote,
which gets passed up the food chain.  Any questions?  ;-)

Dates will be specified available.



Dan Nagle

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