(j3.2006) Jackson Hole, WY

Walt Brainerd walt.brainerd
Sun Mar 12 14:54:48 EDT 2017

I think I did my share by setting up the previous reunion in LV
and you should keep bugging Damian or anybody else to try it this time.

But I think it is a great idea to have it and if nobody else is willing,
I might help out a little.

And I think, even it if is an old geezer meeting, we should let a few of
the youngsters attend; they might learn a few things :-).

And I think the whole list would appreciate your mail to me--
so no problems there.

On Sun, Mar 12, 2017 at 12:34 PM, John Reid <John.Reid at stfc.ac.uk> wrote:

> Walt,
> Yes, I remember that laptop - it was very expensive and very special at
> that time. And Alison often talks about her trip to Yellowstone. I did
> not make that of course because were deep in controversy over the
> content of the new standard.
> I have been bugging Damian a bit about fixing the local arrangements for
> next year and allowing for an old geezers' meeting. I think that, as
> last time, it should be over the weekend before the J3/WG5 meeting. I
> hope you agree. He has agreed that once the meeting place is fixed, it
> will be easy to add on the old geezers meeting and he has agreed to
> "local host" it. I suppose there's no chance of your organizing it
> again? I feel that we should be telling everyone about it soon.
> Best wishes,
> John.
> Walt Brainerd wrote:
> > My daughter was in Jackson and said our old meeting place looks
> > just like it did 3 or so decades ago.
> >
> > The last meeting there was historically significant as we wrote the
> > F90 standard in my room essentially as it was later adopted with
> > votes in Paris. (I think I was the only one with a laptop in those days--
> > a Toshiba running Unix.)
> >
> > Probably not many of you were there, but for some reason, I
> > remember having breakfast with John R and spouse.
> > My whole family was there--X3J3 trips often were our holidays, too.
> >
> > Maybe I will see some of you at Asilomar.
> >
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