(j3.2006) Jackson Hole, WY

John Reid John.Reid
Sun Mar 12 14:34:43 EDT 2017


Yes, I remember that laptop - it was very expensive and very special at 
that time. And Alison often talks about her trip to Yellowstone. I did 
not make that of course because were deep in controversy over the 
content of the new standard.

I have been bugging Damian a bit about fixing the local arrangements for 
next year and allowing for an old geezers' meeting. I think that, as 
last time, it should be over the weekend before the J3/WG5 meeting. I 
hope you agree. He has agreed that once the meeting place is fixed, it 
will be easy to add on the old geezers meeting and he has agreed to 
"local host" it. I suppose there's no chance of your organizing it 
again? I feel that we should be telling everyone about it soon.

Best wishes,


Walt Brainerd wrote:
> My daughter was in Jackson and said our old meeting place looks
> just like it did 3 or so decades ago.
> The last meeting there was historically significant as we wrote the
> F90 standard in my room essentially as it was later adopted with
> votes in Paris. (I think I was the only one with a laptop in those days--
> a Toshiba running Unix.)
> Probably not many of you were there, but for some reason, I
> remember having breakfast with John R and spouse.
> My whole family was there--X3J3 trips often were our holidays, too.
> Maybe I will see some of you at Asilomar.
> --
> Walt Brainerd
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