(j3.2006) Adventures in sections of constant arrays

Steidel, Jon L jon.l.steidel
Mon Mar 6 16:33:21 EST 2017

It used to be that Cray made a copy of constants to pass as actual arguments, so that if the argument was overwritten, the original constant was untouched.  That still be the case for the Cray implementation.


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Might it be that Cray (and maybe PGI) doesn't put constants in write-protected memory, thus allowing overwriting the constant? I know of many compilers (including Intel's for a while) that did this, and it was a classic issue further in the past.


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> module swap PrgEnv-intel PrgEnv-cray
> ftn test.f90
> ./a.out
Hello, world!

So, it is possible, although uncommon, to get this to work.


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