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John Reid John.Reid
Sun Mar 5 09:36:46 EST 2017

Van Snyder wrote:
> The Ada standard has a Fortran interoperability annex that contains
> significant mistakes.  Those ought to be corrected.  It also has an
> annex each for C and COBOL interoperability.  Neither the Fortran nor
> COBOL interoperability annex refers to the C interoperability annex.
> The 2012 Ada standard (reference manual), annotated reference manual,
> and rationale, are online at
> http://www.adaic.org/ada-resources/standards/ada12/
> and perhaps elsewhere as well.
> If one wishes to recommend a different approach from the one in
> AI12-0058 to remedy the deficiencies in the 2012 Fortran
> interoperability annex, it ought to be submitted to WG9.  The current
> chair is Joyce Tokar <tokar at pyrrhusoft.com>, but I'm sure Randy Brukardt
> <randy at rrsoftware.com> would accept it.

We seem to be agreed that Steve's approach is the right one. Has anyone 
passed that on to WG9? I have met Joyce at SC22 meetings and would be 
happy to write to her.


> On Tue, 2017-02-21 at 20:17 -0500, Steve Lionel wrote:
>> I think this document is taking the wrong approach. Instead it should
>> build on the C interop features. Indeed, if Ada can "look like C",
>> then the Fortran standard C interop features can be used.
>> I am especially troubled by the notion that an Ada and a Fortran
>> implementation should "conspire" to support a shared interface for
>> arrays, allocatables and such. We already have that in F2015 and
>> several implementations of the C interop stuff exist.
>> The stuff about kinds should instead refer to C types the way C
>> interop does.
>> Most important, any Fortran routine called by Ada must be
>> interoperable (and any Ada procedure called by Fortran must be
>> interoperable), so that one doesn't get into implementation specifics
>> such as hidden arguments, calling mechanisms and name decoration.
>> I assume Ada has a C interoperability specification. That should be
>> usable with Fortran along with some guidance for the programmer.
>> Steve
>> On 2/21/2017 8:08 PM, Van Snyder wrote:
>>> I mentioned at J3 meeting 212 that there is a proposal to amend Ada's
>>> annex concerning Fortran interoperability to be compatible with Fortran
>>> 2008, not to recommend things that were never part of any Fortran
>>> standard, and not to recommend things that are processor dependent or
>>> dependent upon processor command-line options used when compiling a
>>> Fortran program.
>>> This resulted in generation of what WG9 calles an "AI" or "Ada Issue."
>>> Dan asked me to forward the AI.
>>> I asked Randy Brukardt, a denizen of WG9, to send it to me.
>>> It's attached.  From my perspective, it looks quite good.  Let me (or
>>> Randy) know if you have comments on it.
>>> Van
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>>> You can always get these out of our database (see
>>> http://www.ada-auth.org/AI12-SUMMARY.HTML, looking for Fortran will find it
>>> more quickly than asking me). I've attached the most recent version.
>>>                  Randy.
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>>>> Randy:
>>>> Can you send me a copy of the AI?  The Fortran committee
>>>> asked me for it when I mentioned it in my liaison report last week.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Van
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