(j3.2006) Specification functions

Ian Chivers ian.chivers
Fri Mar 3 10:40:29 EST 2017

Is there a complete list anywhere of the technical changes in Fortran 2003?

Jane and I would add them to the compiler table that we keep
and circulate vendors and publish an updated compiler conformance table.

I would also include a news item in the next edition of Fortran Forum. 



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>We removed the prohibition against recursive specification functions 
>quite a while ago.

Apparently in F2003 but F2003 did not even try to list all the technical
changes in the Introduction, so it's easy to understand someone overlooking
it... especially as it also was not explicitly listed in John Reid's list of
changes in F2003 (which mentions that specifcation expressions have relaxed
rules, but just says to read 7.1.6 for the details).


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