(j3.2006) Question about zero-sized array.

Daniel C Chen cdchen
Tue Jun 20 11:14:55 EDT 2017


The standard specifies, "Zero-sized arrays and zero-length strings are
always defined".
It also says "Allocation of a zero-sized array or zero-length character
variable causes the array or variable to become defined"

Question1: Does it have initial value at all?

Question2: Can it appear as the LHS of an assignment?

Question3: Can it be used in an expression and have a defined result?

Please consider the following example:

program test
  real, dimension(:,:), allocatable :: a
  real, dimension(:), allocatable :: x,y

  a(:,:) = 0.0                  !Q2: Is this legal? What is the value of a?
  x(:) = 0.0
  y(:) = 1.0
  y(:) = MATMUL( a(:,:), x(:) ) !Q3: Is this legal? what is the value of y?
end program test

Non-allocatable version:
program test2
  real :: a(7,0)
  real :: x(0),y(7)

  a = 0.0                       !Q2: is this legal? What is the value of a?
  x = 0.0
  y = 1.0
  y = MATMUL( a, x )            !Q3: is this legal? what is the value of y?
end program test2



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