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Hi All,

Some of the more experienced members might find this interesting...

The Minnesota Cray office is moving to a new office building in March and we?re being told to ?purge? our cubes before the move of stuff no longer needed.  In the process, I found the Minutes of Meeting 139 of X3J3, November, 1996.  That was just after I started at Cray, but before I began attending meetings.  The  Minutes are 23 pages long, and include all of the membership information.  Some interesting tidbits:

People from then still active on the committee (there were 19 members then, very few still active):

Principals : (none still members)
Alternates: Jon Steidel
Observers: (none)
Liaisons: Malcolm Cohen, David Muxworthy
Unofficial Observers:  John Reid
Officers: (none)

There were 4 subgroups :

JoR - Stan Whitlock (head)
HPC - Dick Hendrickson (head)
Data - John Cuthbertson (head)
I/O - Rich Bleikamp (head)

But one thing didn?t change:

Location: Las Vegas, NV.  (Sunrise Suites - OK, the hotel has changed)

BTW, I do not plan to recycle these pages. 


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