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Thu Jan 19 10:45:35 EST 2017

I hope everyone has a chance to see the fabulous movie?Hidden Figures? ?FORTRAN plays a prominent role (in all caps of course ? the movie is set in the 1960?s after all), including a cover shot of a FORTRAN book. I?d say more, but I don?t want to spoil the suspense for anyone. :)
It?s especially nice to know that the site of the movie, NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC), still uses Fortran extensively, including in its development of the?FUN3D?CFD software that several aerospace companies, including?SpaceX? continue use. ?I taught a course at NASA LaRC in 2014 and I believe Walt Brainerd has taught there in recent years so they are investing in learning modern Fortran. ?I wonder if Katherine Goble Johnson, who inspired the main character and who is alive today at 98, knows that Fortran is still playing a significant role there. ?
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