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Bill Long longb
Thu Aug 31 01:00:44 EDT 2017

Hi Van,

Have you considered the option of emeritus membership?  Given you tenure and contributions, you should easily qualify.  Emeritus members can attend meetings without paying the INCITS fees. Technically you can?t vote, but realistically how often would that actually make a difference.  You can still contribute.  If enough long term members across the PL22 committees converted to emeritus status, INCITS might get a clue that they are on the wrong track. 

I?m glad that your lawyers are getting though on this issue.  Perhaps the outcome of parts of the government fighting with each other will be that ANSI terminates its contract with INCITS.   I assume institutions running labs for DOE, NSF, and other government entities will have similar reactions.  Maybe they should get together and form a coordinated response. 


> On Aug 30, 2017, at 6:17 PM, Van Snyder <Van.Snyder at jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
> Lynn:
> From my line management at JPL:
>> Van, if you wish to pursue this, then you had better speak to someone in OGC, but I agree that they are unlikely to approve the agreement as it currently stands.  Perhaps OGC can suggest mutually acceptable changes to the wording, although that would no doubt require some negotiation and iteration.  But it is quite clear that you cannot sign such a form yourself on behalf of JPL, and if there is no way forward then I am afraid that your long tenure on the FORTRAN committee may have to come to an end, which would be unfortunate indeed.
> "OGC" means "Office of General Counsel."
> Van
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