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Bader, Reinhold Reinhold.Bader
Tue Aug 22 02:55:38 EDT 2017

Hello John, 

thanks for the feedback. Further comments inline.

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> Bader, Reinhold wrote:
> > Dear WG5/J3,
> >
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> > attached please find my draft contribution for the comments from
> Germany.
> Here are my (personal) comments on your comments.
> 40:17. I think the present text is OK. An image can have an execution state of
> failed.

OK - I've deleted this comment.
> 45:22. An image can be a member of more than one established team, so the
> new words would be better as ?of a team in which it is established (5.4.8)?.
I've made this change.

> 105:29-30. I think the present text is OK. An assumed-rank entity is just that.
> It is not an array.

Unfortunately, the object has the DIMENSION attribute, and an assumed-rank-spec is 
a variant of array-spec. I've modified the suggested change to read:

[105:29-30] Delete C831
[104:14+] Insert reworded constraint C829+
?A named object with the DIMENSION attribute that has the POINTER or ALLOCATABLE attribute shall have an array-spec that is a deferred-shape-spec-list or an assumed-rank-spec.?

> 124. For the edit, don't you need "of a derived type defined in the module"?
> 188. I think the definitive text needs to be clearer on this point.

Maybe, but Bill hasn't commented on the relevant thread yet, so this might become homework for J3.

> 500:22-23. In the edit, change "subscripts[n-1]" to "subscript[n-1]".

The parameter has the name "subscripts", so I think my edit is OK.


> 562:32. Comment to come.
> Cheers,
> John.
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