(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5936) Convener's report from SC22 meeting

Anton Shterenlikht mexas
Thu Aug 17 12:13:40 EDT 2017

>HI John,
>Your SC22 report included:
>"ISO has introduced an electronic meetings platform, which I have chosen to 
>ignore because it does not address any problem that WGs have, but rather gives 
>them difficulties. Unfortunately, it will be obligatory from 1 October."
>Does ???obligatory??? mean that during WG5 mode at joint meetings, we will be obligated to look only at each other through pictures on our laptops, and speak to each other only via the internet?    This is the popular ???Millennial??? mode of communication where two people stand facing each other or sit across from each other, but communicate only via a joint  facetime session on their iPhones.  For the purposes of WG5, that seems less effective than actually employing direct speaking between people, which is also a more familiar form of communication for most of the WG5 members. 

I guess they probably have lofty ideas, such as
widening participation, inclusion, etc.,
so people who are unable to attend in person
must be allowed to participate via some other means,
a bit like Damian's participation at Garching via skype.

Anyway, what happens if WG5 ignores this, or another, rule? 
I guess unless somebody complains to ISO(?) that they
are unable to participate productively, we can do
whatever we please.


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