(j3.2006) R863 (IMPLICIT)

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Aug 16 00:49:59 EDT 2017

I agree.

The words you are looking for seem to be something like:

C731 (R727) The same type-attr-spec shall not appear more than once in a given derived-type-stmt.

We say this kind of thing, in this way, in many places.


From: Steve Lionel 
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Subject: (j3.2006) R863 (IMPLICIT)

In comp.lang.fortran, Ian Harvey wonders if there's a missing constraint on R863 to prohibit an implicit-none-spec from appearing more than once. For example: 

implicit none (external, external, external, type, type)

I think he's right, though right now I am having trouble thinking of a similar situation in the language to look for appropriate text. (Hmm, maybe R1129 (concurrent-locality)? Is one allowed to have LOCAL(X),LOCAL(Y)? )





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