(j3.2006) Redundant constraint?

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Aug 9 21:59:52 EDT 2017

Hi Bill,


Thanks for the feedback.


> Just because this appeared to work does not mean I think requiring that it be conforming.


I understand, however it does already appear to be required to work by F2008? unless you can find something I missed which would make it invalid.  So ?fixing? the constraint would be an incompatibility that needs to be mentioned up front.


I think I will submit this as a UK comment.  If WG5 is unanimous (or at least nem con) that the technical change (fix) is desirable, we can make the change.  However I think that if there is dissent, an incompatible change like this should not be made hastily, i.e. it will need to go through the Interp process, in which case in the fullness of time either we?ll decide not to fix it, or we?ll fix it in the first corrigendum, or something else.




..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.

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