(j3.2006) Comments on some of the comments

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Aug 9 21:53:06 EDT 2017

[139:29] The assertion that it is not stated that the team value in an image
selector has to be defined is false, the standard already states "shall
identify the current or an ancestor team".  The suggested fix for this
non-problem has forgotten that one is allowed to use assignment of team
variables (after all, that's what GET_TEAM is useful for!!!).  Nothing needs
to be done here and this technical change would break the language,
rendering GET_TEAM unusable for this context.  Do Not Do This.


[213:3] This is wrong and completely unworkable.  The claim that something
"is required" and "has not been stated" is false on the face of it (it's an
internal contradiction!).  The suggested change seems to be imagining that
when SYNC TEAM happens, it is the same SYNC TEAM statement being executed on
every participating image.  This imagination is false.  In fact the standard
already states that the SYNC occurs between SYNC TEAM executions "specifying
the same team", so there is no problem that needs to be solved here.  It
also breaks assignment of team variables for subsequent use in SYNC TEAM,
rendering GET_TEAM unusable for this context.  Do Not Do This.


[214:27] The team-variables in FORM TEAM would appear to be already required
to be separate variables by the segment rules.  There would be nothing wrong
in principle with

                FORM TEAM ( myteam(this_image())[1], .)

which is allowed by the coarray TS.  This usage might be unusual, but it's
not inconceivable or wrong.


This would not be a disaster (unlike the two preceding), but it would still
be a gratuitous incompatibility with the coarray TS.  Please don't insert
more gratuitous incompatibilities.


P.S. I am not planning to participate in the telecon seeing as how it's at
2am my time.




..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.


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