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Bill Long longb
Tue Aug 8 16:50:28 EDT 2017

I submitted 17-187 for a minor editorial change. See paper for motivation.  
This change is editorial, not technical. 

Here is the edit:

[333:32-33] In Separate module procedures, paragraph 3,
replace the beginning of the second sentence

"It is recursive if and only if it is declared to be recursive"


"It is recursive unless it is declared to be nonrecursive"


> On Jul 25, 2017, at 2:23 PM, Dan Nagle <danlnagle at ME.COM> wrote:
> Hi,
> Please post any comments you have on 17-007r2 to this list.
> Our Secretary will combine them into one list.
> The agenda for our telecon is to vote on each comment.
> Our Secretary can tell us when she needs the comments to make
> the ISO comment form.
> Those comments passing the vote will be combined into an ISO comment form.
> This form will be sent to ISO as the US vote.
> Lynn has decided that we had too little detail in the comments last time.
> So we can't just say "see paper so-and-so", instead we must have enough detail
> in the comment so someone can tell, from the ISO comment form, what
> was meant.
> --
> Cheers!
> Dan Nagle
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