(j3.2006) comments and votes

Steidel, Jon L jon.l.steidel
Tue Aug 8 16:43:29 EDT 2017

My comments are attached.


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> Hi,
> Please post any comments you have on 17-007r2 to this list.
> Our Secretary will combine them into one list.
> The agenda for our telecon is to vote on each comment.
> Our Secretary can tell us when she needs the comments to make the ISO
> comment form.
> Those comments passing the vote will be combined into an ISO comment
> form.
> This form will be sent to ISO as the US vote.
> Lynn has decided that we had too little detail in the comments last time.
> So we can't just say "see paper so-and-so", instead we must have enough
> detail in the comment so someone can tell, from the ISO comment form,
> what was meant.
> --
> Cheers!
> Dan Nagle
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