(j3.2006) Fwd: [fortran] Groups - Ballot opened: "PL22.3 votes to Approve with Comments for SC22 N5191 - ISO/IEC CD 1539-1"

Bill Long longb
Mon Apr 17 19:32:31 EDT 2017

Perhaps I misunderstand the ballot as formed, but my impression is that if we vote ?yes?, then INCITS will send the  current set of comments in the Word file to SC22/WG5 as the statement of the US position on the CD,  as a vote to approve with those comments.   


On Apr 17, 2017, at 5:55 PM, Steve Lionel <steve at stevelionel.com> wrote:

> Please help me understand the process here. As I understood it, J3 is 
> currently voting on the CD, and members can make comments. (Other 
> national bodies are doing the same.) Then J3 will review the comments 
> and determine whether any of them require papers to address the 
> comments. I was not aware that one member's comments necessarily affect 
> another member's vote to approve or disapprove the CD.
> From my perspective, Van is entitled to his comments, and J3 will deal 
> with them along with other comments received on the CD - I assume this 
> will be done in Garching.
> Steve
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