(j3.2006) Fwd: [fortran] Groups - Ballot opened: "PL22.3 votes to Approve with Comments for SC22 N5191 - ISO/IEC CD 1539-1"

Steve Lionel steve
Mon Apr 17 18:55:58 EDT 2017

Please help me understand the process here. As I understood it, J3 is 
currently voting on the CD, and members can make comments. (Other 
national bodies are doing the same.) Then J3 will review the comments 
and determine whether any of them require papers to address the 
comments. I was not aware that one member's comments necessarily affect 
another member's vote to approve or disapprove the CD.

 From my perspective, Van is entitled to his comments, and J3 will deal 
with them along with other comments received on the CD - I assume this 
will be done in Garching.


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