(j3.2006) Binding label consistency in module procedures

Lionel, Steve steve.lionel
Mon May 23 10:32:06 EDT 2016



module U610575A


module subroutine sub1 () bind(C,name='SUB1')

end subroutine sub1

end interface

end module U610575A


submodule(U610575A) U610575AS


module subroutine sub1 () bind(C,name='NOTSUB1')

end subroutine sub1

end submodule U610575AS


The standard says (F2008 for a specific interface that "the
characteristics shall be consistent with those specified in the procedure
definition.". However, the list of procedure characteristics (12.3.1)
includes only "whether it has the BIND attribute" and not the value of NAME=
in a language-binding-spec.


I don't want to see the standard trying to enforce binding label consistency
in general, but I wondered if submodules should be a special case. If a
program tried to call sub1, it would probably fail to link because of the
name mismatch. Thoughts?


Steve Lionel

Intel Developer Support

Merrimack, NH


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