(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5704) experiences with RTD busses between DEN and Boulder

Dan Nagle dnagle
Thu May 12 13:20:39 EDT 2016



Below are reports from folks who have used the new, improved AB bus
between DEN and Boulder.

I have not been to DEN since the changes were made,
so this is the best information I can provide.

**** One view:
Warning: there are big changes in the bus and check-in at DIA.
(DN- DIA == "Denver International Airport" == DEN)

1)   The AB bus timetable has changed substantially.  The old Jan one does not apply.

2)   There are fewer stops and a different route:  The bus stops at McCaslin but not longer at Broomfield or Sheridan. Instead it stops at Flatiron and then goes on the toll road to the airport.

3)   It arrives at the base of the hotel, and then one has to get a long escalator ride up to the entry level.  But if you want to check a bag, it is hard to find the elevator to the check-in level. 

4)   The bus pickup is at a similar location back down a long escalator to gate 8.

5)   The United check-in counters have all changed, and there is no-one with a computer to help. 

**** A second view:
I took the AB bus recently.

It's much faster than before.  Yay!

It runs every hour, except when it runs
every 30 minutes.  Yay!

It stops in Flatirons/Broomfield, and then gets on 470.
(DN- 470 is another name for the toll expressway)

It arrives in the new underground transit terminal.
The train and many bus terminals pull in there.

There are banks of machines where you can check in
and print boarding passes for ALL AIRLINES.

You can check in luggage for ALL AIRLINES in the
glass-fronted room just before you get on the escalator.
It was staffed when I went to the airport (afternoon),
but not staffed when I left the airport (late night).

Sans large luggage, you then hop on the escalator, which
drops you off outside the main terminal bldg.

Go in the door, and you are right at the security line.

I didn't see the elevator b/c I wasn't looking for it.

It is incredibly fast and easy.

**** HTH


Dan Nagle
dnagle at ucar.edu

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