(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5703) Intel Fortran Hobbyist License

Toon Moene toon
Mon May 2 14:02:13 EDT 2016

On 05/02/2016 04:19 PM, Lionel, Steve wrote:

> Some of you may remember that Intel used to offer a general
> noncommercial license for Intel?s compilers and tools on Linux, but that
> program was discontinued and replaced with one for students and
> open-source developers. We heard from many Fortran ?hobbyists? that they
> felt left out by this, and I lobbied to come up with a suitable offering.
> For a limited time, I?ve been authorized to grant free, noncommercial
> licenses for Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran
> (includes Intel Fortran Compiler and Intel Math Kernel Library) to
> ?hobbyists?. This is available for Linux, OS X and Windows. (Windows
> requires that you get Microsoft Visual Studio separately, the free
> VS2015 Community Edition will do.) Support is through our user forums ?
> you?ll be eligible for new updates and versions for a year, the license
> itself is good for three years. More details will be in the license email.

Thanks for the generous offer - however:

I understand that - once my Ninja Turtle Workstation Pedestal arrives 
(the one with the Knights Landing processor in it) - I have full access 
to an Intel Development Environment.

Unfortunately, I have no time to learn yet another development platform, 
so I'll install Debian Testing on it as soon as it arrives.

After all, the only thing I need is a Fortran compiler, a key punch, and 
a beer :-)

Kind regards; hope to see you in Boulder !

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