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Wed Mar 16 19:12:40 EDT 2016

> On Mar 16, 2016, at 8:50 AM, Lionel, Steve <steve.lionel at intel.com> wrote:
> I might have some quibbles with his advice, and I think he might mislead viewers into thinking the Intel QuickWin feature is standard, but it?s surprisingly good overall. 
> http://insidehpc.com/2016/03/fortran/ <http://insidehpc.com/2016/03/fortran/>

One major disappointment is that he relies on the Fortran wiki?s compiler support table at

http://fortranwiki.org/fortran/show/Fortran+2008+status <http://fortranwiki.org/fortran/show/Fortran+2008+status>

which is out-of-date and therefore makes compiler compliance look worse than it is. The listed versions of the Cray, GNU, Intel, IBM, and PGI compilers are 2-4 years old. The listed NAG compiler version is over 1 year old.  And g95 arguably could be deleted now that it has been dormant for several years. 

Anyone can edit the Fortran wiki so I just replaced an erroneous link near the top of the page so that it now points to the Chivers and Sleightholme survey:

http://www.fortranplus.co.uk/resources/fortran_2003_2008_compiler_support.pdf <http://www.fortranplus.co.uk/resources/fortran_2003_2008_compiler_support.pdf>

I think the contents of the wiki page should be deleted altogether except for citing the latter link or its updated equivalent at any given time.  I?ll take this step shortly unless anyone protests or compiler developers indicate that they intend to keep the wiki up-to-date.


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