(j3.2006) Question about specification expressions

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Wed Mar 9 20:32:04 EST 2016

In this little program

program P

  integer, allocatable :: A(:)
  integer :: N

  read ( *, * ) n
  allocate ( a(max(n,1)) )

  a(1) = size(a,1)

    integer :: B(size(a,1)), C(a(1))
  end block

end program P

Is the declaration of B acceptable?

7.1.11p2(9)(b)(ii) says that if a specification inquiry appears in a
specification expression, a variable that is an argument cannot be an
optional dummy argument (which A is not), and the property inquired
cannot be deferred.

The bound of A is deferred.  Is the size still deferred after A is
allocated?  If so, the declaration of B is invalid.

There is nothing in 7.1.11 about allocatable variables (or pointers), so
the declaration of C is apparently acceptable.

It seems a bit bizarre to prohibit using an inquiry of the size of an
allocatable array in a specification expression, but not saying anything
about using the value of an element of that array in a specification

Change the ALLOCATABLE attribute of A to POINTER and the same questions

Change the inquiry to one about a deferred length parameter and the same
questions arise.

Make the variable a module variable and try to use it in a specification
expression in a module procedure and the same questions arise (i.e., the
BLOCK is a red herring).

It seems that 7.1.11p2(9)(b)(ii) was a bit overzealous.  It's not
permitted to reference an undefined variable in any expression.  If a
reference to an unallocated variable appears in a specification
expression, that's taboo, but couldn't be prevented in 7.1.11p2 because
that's effectively part of a constraint.  Prohibiting reference to a
deferred property, that might not be deferred when it's inquired, seems
a hit harsh.

Does this need (or would it benefit from) an interp?

Or should I add a regularization of this to my 56-page wishlist?

The regularization would be either
(1) Delete 7.1.11p2(9)(b)(ii) (my preference), or
(2) Prohibit reference to pointer or allocatable variables in
specification expressions (incompatible change).

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