(j3.2006) FLUSH on non-connected unit

Robert Corbett robert.corbett
Wed Jun 1 17:44:29 EDT 2016

On 06/01/16 13:55, Daniel C Chen wrote:
> Hello,
> I couldn't find wording in the standard that prohibits FLUSH statement on a 
> non-connected unit. i.e.
>     Flush(10)
>     End 
> Is it allowed?

Paragraph 2 of Subclause 9.5.4 of 16-007 states

       Every input/output statement except an OPEN, CLOSE,
       INQUIRE, or WAIT statement shall refer to a unit
       that is connected to a file and thereby make use of
       or affect that file.

If external unit 10 is preconnected (9.5.5), the program
shown is standard conforming.

Robert Corbett
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