(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.5741) Units of measure

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> > > Several developers of preprocessors and analysis products have told
> > > me this is not a difficult problem.
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> > Then perhaps that?s the solution. Let the few who need this pay for it.
> Let the few who need coarrays pay for it.  Let the few who need PDT pay for
> it.  Let the few who need DIO pay for it....  None of my JPL colleagues ever
> asked me to advocate for any of these.  We did have Cray computers with
> compilers that probably included early versions of coarrays, but nobody
> begged me to advocate for standardizing them.  I don't remember who was the
> "champion" for PDT or DIO in 1997, but I don't remember anybody asking for a
> list of others who wanted them.

	FWIW, Dr. Lawrie Schonfelder of the University of Liverpool was the champion of PDTs.  Richard Bleikamp, originally representing Convex, then HP, was the champion of DTIO.  As I recall, there was widespread support among Fortran Standard Committee members for both features even though everyone understood that both features would be difficult and expensive to implement.

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